Your reputation: your most valuable asset.

The Hirigoyen Group has the public relations, communications and marketing know-how to help build and protect your reputation.

Our philosophy

Three qualities set The Hirigoyen Group apart from other public relations and communications firms:

1. It’s about you.

We start by getting to know you and your firm. We develop a deep understanding of your business and what you want to achieve: your ambitions, your competitive strengths and your goals. We help you confront your challenges – what concerns you, and what keeps you up at night. We understand your business first, and then develop the strategies to support your success.

2. We’ve been there.

We bring to bear many years’ experience in public relations, marketing and communications. We’ve helped companies build their reputations, outshine the competition, overcome crises and tell their stories to the marketplace. We have successful track records, a network of strong relationships and a reputation for sound counsel and a strategic approach.

3. We’re strategic.

For each client, we don’t bring pre-set assumptions, easy fixes or a limited set of tools and tactics. Instead, with an understanding of your needs, we strategically plan communications, public relations and marketing efforts to meet communications objectives that complement your business objectives. We develop communications and PR strategies to help you engage with the right audiences and stakeholders.

We’re ready to help. It begins by listening to you and getting a better understanding of your situation. Let’s connect and start the conversation, and determine how best to assist you through sound counsel, our strategic approach and our effective public relations and communications services.

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Client Testimonials

Patrick Hirigoyen worked with us to plan and augment the work of our in-house marketing staff and paid media spend with thoughtful public relations activities that increased customer awareness of the capabilities of our company. He brought insurance industry expertise, a solid understanding of the media and a professional level of execution that was an effective adjunct to our existing marketing activities.

Since we formed K2 Insurance Services in 2011, our company has grown to become a national insurance group that includes an insurance carrier and five specialized managing general agencies. Throughout that process, Patrick Hirigoyen has provided us with expert media relations, communications, and writing and editing services. He delivers a powerful combination: public relations and communications expertise, plus knowledge and experience in insurance and reinsurance. That combination has contributed to our success.

“During 2011 MMIC Group undertook a very large and logistically challenging stock restructure. Affirmative votes from 7,000 physicians were required for passage. Getting doctors to open an envelope – let alone vote – was nearly impossible. This is where Patrick Hirigoyen comes in. Patrick led the public relations campaign for the vote. Patrick provided not only excellent copy but also leadership and creative solutions that allowed us to attain our vote goal. We would not have achieved this goal without Patrick’s efforts and knowledge.”

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