“Mr. Hirigoyen provided crisis counsel to our firm on a sensitive case in which our corporate client risked unfavorable and sensationalized news media attention.  Under deadline pressure, he not only delivered effective contingency statements and other media materials, but also provided a sound strategy that addressed the questions and concerns of employees, customers and the broader community.  The client was very pleased with the approach, which minimized controversy and helped protect the client’s reputation.”

Attorney at Law, Of Counsel, Hellmuth and Johnson  (was with Watson Law Group when he worked with Patrick Hirigoyen) 

“Pat came in when we were beginning a proxy process related to our restructuring, facing a hostile takeover bid, in the midst of rebranding, developing an advertising campaign for new state expansions, and developing marketing pieces for other stakeholders. Pat either led or had a significant role in all those projects. With his guidance we were able to have a successful board vote against a takeover and the proxy process was successfully completed.”

President and Chief Executive Officer  MMIC Group, Inc 

“Our start-up needed professional guidance as we planned our business launch. Pat spent considerable time with us, working to understand and develop our story and how to communicate it. He counseled us on our website and other marketing content, developed our news release and, most important, managed the overall public relations of our launch. As a result of Pat’s efforts, our firm gained immediate market traction and we were able tell our story effectively in the news media and in the marketplace overall.”

President and Chief Executive Officer  Stonehill Reinsurance Partners LLC 

“Patrick Hirigoyen worked with our organization to review and revamp our communication and outreach strategy and methods. He took time to dig deep with our stakeholders to elicit their clear and honest feedback. We knew some of the areas we needed to address; Patrick explored those areas and to develop helpful context and suggestions. He also took the time to reinforce and provide positive feedback on the areas in which we excelled. These findings have directly impacted and improved our communication and education strategy and also influenced our logo and web design efforts.”

President and Chief Executive Officer  Minnesota Workers' Compensation Insurers Association 

“During 2011 MMIC Group undertook a very large and logistically challenging stock restructure. Affirmative votes from 7,000 physicians were required for passage. Getting doctors to open an envelope – let alone vote – was nearly impossible. This is where Patrick Hirigoyen comes in. Patrick led the public relations campaign for the vote. Patrick provided not only excellent copy but also leadership and creative solutions that allowed us to attain our vote goal. We would not have achieved this goal without Patrick’s efforts and knowledge.”

Former Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, MMIC Group, Inc 

Since we formed K2 Insurance Services in 2011, our company has grown to become a national insurance group that includes an insurance carrier and five specialized managing general agencies. Throughout that process, Patrick Hirigoyen has provided us with expert media relations, communications, and writing and editing services. He delivers a powerful combination: public relations and communications expertise, plus knowledge and experience in insurance and reinsurance. That combination has contributed to our success.

President  K2 Insurance Services LLC 

Patrick Hirigoyen worked with us to plan and augment the work of our in-house marketing staff and paid media spend with thoughtful public relations activities that increased customer awareness of the capabilities of our company. He brought insurance industry expertise, a solid understanding of the media and a professional level of execution that was an effective adjunct to our existing marketing activities.

Head of U.S. Marketing and Strategy (retired)  Catlin Specialty Insurance Company